Robert R. Schoch - Ideas

Dear prospective client,

I'm not a "patent lawyer" but rather an inventor's rep, lawyer and broker.I invent things, have several patents in diverse areas and people began consulting me with regard to refining, preparing to prototype stage and eventually marketing their inventions. My sidebar company is called "I.D.E.A.S" (for Invention Design Enhancement And Sales).

FYI, most inventors should steer away from patents; they're expensive and at the end of the story are diversely effective in protecting intellectual properties which are ineptly designed marketed, trademarked, etc. Experience with all phases of concept-to-design manufacturing was had by me as I designed, trademarked and patented several toys designs and games I eventually manufactured or licensed to others.

To advise you on the wide spectrum of things you need for steerage I'll have to see the invention and interview you with regard to it and determine what you want to do with it. I speculate in this area. I charge nothing for the collaborating up to the point we agree you have something marketable, at which time you and I agree to reward both you the inventor and I the inventor's mentor, consultant and broker. My royalty cut ranges from 10 to 20 percent (of royalties) depending on the genre of invention. If you manufacture, my royalties sink significantly (negotiable range from 2 to 5% of gross sales). (Games net me 20 percent because marketing is an extremely long shot affair; everything else licensed for royalties is negotiable). I'm always worth far more than I charge and charge only if your creation succeeds financially. All inventors who aren't brokers need someone like me to help them determine first how to protect their intellectual products and then how to ready them for market. If you want to manufacture the thing yourself you have one set of problems; if you want to broker the idea to a third-party manufacturer, there is another set. There are ways to show manufacturers your ideas without a patent and when they grab it, they pay the patent attorney and you the royalties. It's called "private disclosure". It's tricky and you have to be skilled to safely pull it off. The patent will be in your name and you'll "license" it to them so long as they're paying you in royalties what they projected in the licensing and/or sale contract ( which I negotiate with your input.)

Please see my contact info and invite you to call (best in afternoons between 3 and 6 when I'll likely be out of court).

When you call, we'll address the preliminaries, the first of which will be to rid you of your inventor's paranoia in my regard. When a lawyer says "trust me", better watch out. That's a rule. I'm the exception. Trust me-- It'll be fun. That's why I do it. One in a hundred ideas makes it to the market. Don't let that be daunting. If you can see something, you can make it happen. But acting (as opposed to dreaming) is the factor that distinguishes the one from the 99.