Robert R. Schoch - Politics

We are an open forum and clearinghouse for the collaborative generation and exchange of ideas and ideals which we view as integral to the development and efficacy of global initiatives essential to the world's political, economic, social and environmental betterment and survival. ("DI") is the internet periodical publishing instrument of the B.E.A. The B.E.A. ("Barristers et al") is a North Carolina-based foreign policy think tank founded in October, 2001 by DI Managing Editor, Robert R. Schoch, to propose and promulgate foreign policy alternatives to the Bush Doctrine and the foreign wars and domestic (e.g. Constitutional and economic) turmoil it precipitated.

We have chosen the tower and bell of "Independence Hall" in Philadelphia as our "standard" or graphic image because they memorialized a time and state of affairs in America when our people were not slaves to a corporate-dominated two-party political system and news media. We have chosen the domain name, "Declaring Independents", because that is what we are: A group of free-thinking, independent, non-partisan people who wish to collaborate and synergize with one another for the re-establishment of freedoms and independence in the spirit and form declared in Philadelphia in 1776 when that bell rang out its Fourth of July music and message. May that music and message find renewed resonance in the generations and disseminations of our thoughts and words (including yours) in cyberspace.

That is our mission. As for our publishing policies and protocols, we invite any and all to contribute original writings either as featured articles or as criticisms, affirmations or extrapolations of published articles. If you are a registered Democrat or Republican we would like to know in order to by-line your submissions with that information. We do not censor but reserve the right to deny the posting of any submissions that are excessively profane or "ad hominem" (i.e., that criticize or denigrate the writer of articles we publish as opposed to the issues about which he has written).

Articles submitted which contain copyrighted third-party literary materials must be accompanied by proper waivers and/or permissions. All submissions are received with the understanding that the writer reserves all proprietary interests in the writing submitted but grants DI (at zero cost) permanent license and permission to archive and disseminate the submission throughout the universe for the infinite future.